PHIL 689: Mathematical Logic (Spring 2003)

The subject of this course is the metatheory of propositional and predicate logic. This will include definitions of formal languages for these systems, their proof theory, model theory, and demonstrations of their soundeness and completeness. As a necessary background for this, we will begin with an overview of the basic elements of set theory, including functions and relations, and a discussion of methods of mathematical proof.


The text for this class is:

Formal Work

  1. Homework asssignments (8): 20%
  2. Mid-term exam (take-home): 40%
  3. Final exam (take-home): 40%

In addition, we will work through a number of proofs in class. Understanding the nature of proofs in logical theory is a fundamental aspect of this course, and students will occaisionally be asked to make presentations of proofs of theorems in class (with advance warning).


Page numbers refer to Zalabardo. Although I will try to stay reasonably close to this schedule, the pace may need to be adjusted depending on how the class goes.

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