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B. A., 1968, University of Chattanooga: summa cum laude, Highest Honors in Philosophy

Ph.D., 1974 (Philosophy), Claremont Graduate School. Dissertation title: "Plato's Dialectic from the Standpoint of Aristotle's First Logic".


Ancient Philosophy; History of Logic; Philosophy of Logic


Logic; Philosophy of Language; Modern Philosophy; Medieval Philosophy.


1971-72: Lecturer In Philosophy, Riverside (California) City College.

1973: Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University

1973-74: Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Occidental College

1974-94: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Kansas State University (Associate Professor, 1980-86; Professor, 1986-1994; Department Head, 1986-92)

1994- : Professor and Head, Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University


Scholarly competence in Latin (some manuscript ability), Greek.
Good reading, writing, and speaking knowledge of French, German.
Fair reading and limited speaking ability in Italian, Russian.
Limited knowledge of Classical Arabic, Dutch, Modern Greek, Spanish.



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Aristotle's Posterior Analytics. Translation with Introduction, Notes, and Commentary. Hackett Publishing Company, in progress.


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Other Publications:

Textbook, Elementary Formal Logic (co-author G. N. Georgacarakos). McGraw-Hill, 1979.

Significant Presentations (* = invited):

"The Mathematical Origins of Aristotle's Syllogistic". American Philosophical Association, Chicago, April 1977.

"Some Studies of Logical Transformations in the Prior Analytics". American Philosophical Association, Detroit, April 1980.

"The Indemonstrability of Principles in Aristotelian Sciences". American Philosophical Association, Philadelphia, December 1981.

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"Complex Properties and Complex Propositions: Aristotle's Answer to the Determinist". American Philosophical Association, Chicago, April 1985.

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"The Condition of NOUS". Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, New York, October 1985.

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*"What Use Is Aristotle's Organon?" Boston Area Colloguium for Ancient Philosophy (Harvard University), April 8, 1993.

*"Aristotle's Regress Argument." III 'Simposio de la historia de la logica' (organized by I. Angelelli), University of Navarra (Spain), May 5, 1993.

*"The Tempter that Brought About Aristotle's Fall." Princeton University Classical Philosophy Colloquium, December 4, 1993.

*"Internalism, Externalism, and the Posterior Analytics." University of Southern California, December 17-18, 1993.

*Comments on Alan Code, "The Development of Aristotle's Metaphysics." American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, Atlanta, December 1993.

*"Dialectic and Philosophy in Aristotle." (Invited paper.) American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Chicago, April 1996.


Member of Editorial Board of History and Philosophy of Logic; responsible for submissions in ancient logic.

Member of American Philosophical Association, Aristotelian Society, Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.

President, Kansas State University Chapter, AAUP, 1982-83; President, Kansas Conference, AAUP, 1984-85; Secretary, KSU Chapter, AAUP, 1991-94.

APA Central Division Program Committee for 1988 Program.

APA Central Division Program Committee for 1994 Program.

Secretary/Treasurer, APA Central Division, 1996-


Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Designate, 1968.

NDEA Title IV Fellowship, 1969-72.

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship, 1972-73.

NEH Summer Stipend, 1978 ($2500).

NEH Fellowship for Independent Study and Research, 1978-79 ($15,360).

Travel Grant, National Academy of Sciences, July 1983 ($600).

NEH Fellowship for Independent Study and Research, 1984-85 ($12,560).

NEH Summer Stipend, 1985 ($3000).

Mid-American State Universities Association Honor Lecturer, 1985-86.

Franklin J. Matchette Foundation Conference Grant, 1991 ($2500).

NEH Fellowship for College Teachers, 1992-93 ($29,345).

NEH Library Challenge Grant, 1992 ($1,000,000 face amount; $250,000 external funds). (One of two principal authors of the proposal itself.)